RDH3 100th

Rabid Danes H3 is rounding 100 runs in the late spring of 2023! And since we're rabid, we'll celebrate that by running 100 km!... over 4 days.

Save the date: June 9th to 12th 2023. Expect a pre-lube in Copenhagen on June 8th.

What to expect: one run spread over 4 days, A to B to C to D run where A is Christiansborg (Copenhagen), D is Kronborg (Helsingør), total approx. 100 km, staying overnight at campsites in cooperation with CRH3. Bring your own tent. There will be bag transport between the campsites. If you only want to join for individual days, that will also be a possibility.

More details and registration to be expected in January 2023.