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Next Run:

Joint RDH3/CH3 #19/2154

Starting at: Helsingevej 101, 3000 Frederiksværk

Date 11/9- 2016

11.30am: Runners RDH3

11.30am: Walkers

12.30am: CH3 Runners


Come to beautiful Frederiksvaerk and take the Tisvilde Hegn Challenge: A joint Rabid Danes-CH3 run over hills, through vineyards and heather over sandunes before skinny dipping in the sea, freezing your bits off and getting sand in every orifice.


There will be 3 runs: 1) The full Rabid Danes trail (long) starting at 11:30, 2) A long RD walkers trail (NO RUNNING!) also starting at 11:30, 3) a CH3 runners trail starting at 12:30. Traditional Rabid Danes food will be served after the run for the ridiculous price of Kr50;- so bring cash.


To get to Loping's place take the A-train to Hillerød followed by the local train to Frederiksværk (or Helsinge) and then bus 320R to stop "Skelvej". Better still hitch a ride with someone with a car. .

Rabid Danes H3 is a social running club with focus on running in nature both on and off trail.

Our trails are between 15km+

We run on the second sunday of every month - see where on the next run above.

Run fee 75 DKK - Includes: Food and drinks after the run.


If you have any questions - Contact :


GM: Mobile Dick: +45 25697981

RA: Steaming Cougar Bait: +45 71728786

Hashing in Denmark:

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